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British and Irish Sleep Organisations

Support, professional and commercial organisations interested in sleep and sleep disorders

The Sleep Council - All you need to know about choosing a bed or a mattress and getting a good night's sleep.
British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association
One of the original organisations set up to help snorers, sleep apneics and their partners. Strong emphasis on products.
The Sleep Apnoea Trust, supporting Sleep Apnoea patients and their families
Telephone help line (volunteers)
Welsh SAS (Patient support group)
Volunteer patient group
Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust - Iontaobhas Apnoea Codlata na hÉireann ©®™
Irish sleep apnoea support group (run by ?).
Sleep Clinics in Ireland - Contact Details Irish Health Boards
Narcolepsy Association UK (UKAN)
Ekbom Support group restless legs
The original uk group - telephone support line available.
Restless Legs UK
The British Sleep Society
An organisation for professionals with a primary or very strong interest in sleep.
Royal Society of Medicine Meetings: Sleep Medicine Section
The RSM Sleep Medicine section holds 2-6 meetings a year.
Relate - the relationship people
RoSPA : Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Cephalon UK | neurological disorders | diseases of the nervous system and brain | sleep disorders and cancer

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