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Throughout June-July 2005

  • Sleep disorders and restless legs syndrome - June 28 2005

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sleep and emotion (Suspended June 10 2005).

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This site has now been running for more than 5 years. It has been and continues to be interested in sleep. In particular:

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The Sleep Course 

Next course - Manchester, UK, 2005.

Learn to sleep well

Available from book stores.

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Oxford University Study into Quality of life of Children and Adolescents with Narcolepsy and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

The Insomnia Kit

Available (from SAAS).

Royal Society of Medicine Sleep Medicine Section.

  • Next meetings - Obesity and the lung - 22 September 2004

  • 1st Academic meeting of RLS:UK & Ekbom Support Group and the Sleep Medicine Section 1 October 2004

  • Paediatric Sleep Disorders Study Day - 15th November 2004

The Pure Sleep Company

World Wide Sleep Survey

International Web sleep survey. Results  announced 26 October 2001

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Night-eating disorder

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Professional & Self-help groups dealing with sleep & its disorders. New page (in prep.)


The Finnish Insomniacs


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Resources, under-development.  Non-conventional medicine summary.

Sleep & Consciousness


Amnesty's UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Campaign

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