The Insomnia Kit is now out of print in most countries. Its function has been extended by providing WEB support in interpreting the diaries and questionnaires in "Beating Insomnia."

THEINSOMNIA KIT consists of:
- The Insomnia Book

- - Understand your sleep and wakefulness
- - Problem-solving
- - Solution-selection
- Sleep diary (helps identify the problems and monitors treatment progress)
- Cassette Tape (Therapeutic technique sample and complete progressive muscular relaxation routine)

Most versions out-of- print but returning to the shelves 3rd-4th quarter 2003.

The Insomnia Kit was written by Dr Chris Idzikowski who has been involved in sleep research for more than twenty years. The kit evolved from work conducted by him and the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service which has a particular interest in insomniacs. It's a first-aid kit that also provides enduring solutions for sleep problems. It enables a reader to understand and deal with their sleep problem.  It doesn't a claim a single solution for insomnia or sleep problems because there are multiple causes and multiple solutions.

Foreword by Professor Wallace B. Mendelson, Chicago University.
Chapter One - So you think you're an insomniac
Chapter Two - How to measure sleep
Chapter Three - Managing your sleep
Chapter Four - Lifestyle and sleep
Chapter Five - Using the diary
Chapter Six - Dealing with disturbed sleep
Chapter Seven - Sleep Disorders
Chapter Eight - Using complimentary therapies

The Insomnia Kit has been published in the U.S. by Penguin Studio Books, 1999.  Penguin Studio is a member of  Penguin Putnam Inc, 375 Hudson Street, New York 10014).  CIP data available  ISBN 0-670-88255-0. You can read it at the Library of Congress (call number).   The Kit is also published in Ireland and the UK by Gill & McMillan. Bertelsmann publish it in the Germany and A.W. Bruna Uitgevers B.V in Holland.


Need more direct help with your sleep, contact the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service

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