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bullet 31 March 2003 - Neurological aspects of sleep
bullet 19 May 2003 - The medico-legal aspects of sleep
bullet 4 June 2003 - Respiratory disease and sleep (Joint meeting with the Section of Respiratory Medicine)
bullet 27 June  2003 - Heart failure - the impact of sleep (Joint meeting with the British Cardiac Society)
bullet 18 November 2003 - Non-invasive ventilation


August 2002

Sunday 18 - Wednesday 21 August Sleep as restitution - relation to metabolism, stress, nutrition and overall health

bullet A joint meeting with the Epidemiology & Public Health Section
bullet A joint meeting with The Swedish Society of Medicine

Sunday 18 August

11.00 am Registration and poster mounting

Chair: Dame Deirdre Hine; Dr Rosalind Stanwell-Smith, The Royal Society of Medicine

bullet 1.30 pm Sleep Physiology and Disturbed Sleep Jerker Hetta, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
bullet 2.00 pm The Genetics of Sleep and Sleep Disturbances Mehdi Tafti, University of Geneva, Switzerland
bullet 2.30 pm Refreshment Break
bullet 3.00 pm The Epidemiology of Disturbed Sleep Maurice Ohayon, Stanford University, USA
bullet 3.30 pm Sleep and Health Peter Nilsson, University of Lund, Sweden
bullet 4.00 pm Sleep and Safety Goran Kecklund, IPM, Stockholm, Sweden
bullet 5.00 pm Behavioral Countermeasures against Insomnia Charles Morin, Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada

Monday 19 August

Morning Session

Chair: Christian Berne and Eve Van Cauter

bullet 8.30 am Sleep and Endocrinology Axel Steiger, Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich
bullet 9.00 am The Metabolic Syndrome and Stress Per Bjorntorp, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
bullet 9.30 am Sleep Loss and the Metabolic Syndrome Eve Van Cauter, University of Chicago, USA
bullet 10.00 am Refreshment break
bullet 10.30 am Burnout and Sleep Torbjorn Akerstedt, IPM and Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
bullet 11.00 am Metabolic Disturbances in Relation to Obesity and Sleep Apnea Alexandros Vgontzas, Pennsylvania State University, Hersey, USA
bullet 11.30 am Chronic Insomnia and Metabolism Michael Bonnet, VA Medical Center, Dayton, USA
bullet 12.00 pm Discussant Christian Berne, Uppsala University, Sweden
bullet 12.30 pm Lunch

Afternoon Session

Chair: Lars Ake Hanson and David Dinges

bullet 2.00 pm Sleep Loss, Stress and Immune Function David Dinges, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
bullet 2.30 pm Sleep and the Immune System Jan Born, University of Lubeck, Germany
bullet 3.00 pm Refreshment break
bullet 3.30 pm Fatal Familial Insomnia? Elio Lugaresi, University of Bologna, Italy
bullet 4.00 pm Discussant Lars Ake Hanson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Tuesday 20 August

Morning Session

Chair: Martin Ingvar and Jim Horne

bullet 8.30 am Circadian and Homeostatic Regulation of Sleep and Wakefulness Derk-Jan Dijk, University of Surrey, UK
bullet 9.00 am Learning, Sleep, and Brain Metabolism Pierre Maquet, University of Liege, Belgium
bullet 9.30 am Refreshment break
bullet 10.00 am Sleep Loss and Higher Functioning Jim Horne, University of Loughborough, UK
bullet 10.30 am The Need for Sleep David Dinges, University of Pennsylvania, USA
bullet 11.00 am Discussant Martin Ingvar, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

11.30 am Lunch

Afternoon Session

Chair: Tomas Hokfelt and Jim Horne

bullet 1.00 pm Sleep and Hypocretin/Orexin Emmanuel Mignot, Stanford University, USA
bullet 1.30 pm Dopamine and Somnolysis Dale Edgar, Stanford University, USA
bullet 2.00 pm Adenosine, Sleep, and Energy Tarja Porkka-Heiskanen, University of Helsinki, Finland
bullet 2.30 pm Discussant Tomas Hokfelt, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
bullet 3.00 pm Refreshment break

Short Presentations

Chair: Goran Kecklund and Mats Gillberg

5.30 pm Adjourn

Wednesday 21 August

Morning Session

Chair: Claude Marcus and Josephine Arendt

bullet 8.30 am Sleep and Food Arne Lowden
bullet 9.00 am Sleep and Food Intake Patterns in Children Mats Gillberg
bullet 9.30 am The Regulation of Appetite John Blundell, University of Leeds, UK
bullet 10.00 am Refreshment break
bullet 10.30 am The Circadian Regulation of Eating Jan Strubbe, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
bullet 11.00 am Night Eating A J Stunkard, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

11.30 am Lunch

bullet 1.00 pm The 24 hour Meal Pattern and Irregular Work Hours Maria Lennernas, University of Uppsala, Sweden
bullet 1.30 pm Displaced Sleep and Metabolic Parameters Josephine Arendt, University of Surrey, UK
bullet 2.00 pm Food Intake, Shift Work and the metabolic Syndrome Henrik Boggild, University of Aalborg, Denmark
bullet 2.30 pm Discussant Claude Marcus, Huddinge University Hospital, Sweden

3.00 pm Close of conference

Monday 15 April
Sleepless society: can we cope?

A joint meeting with the Open Section

A joint meeting with Open Section

9.15 am

Registration and coffee

9.50 am

Introduction and welcome
  Dr John Shneerson
President, Sleep Medicine Section

10.00 am

Health and the 24-hour society
  Dr Derk-Jan Dijk
Centre for Chronobiology, University of Surrey

10.30 am

Shiftwork and the risk of accidents - safety
  Dr Philip Tucker
Senior Lecturer, Physiology, Nottingham Trent University

10.55 am

Shiftwork and the risk of accidents - striking a balance
  Dr Tony Steele-Perkins
BMI Health Services, lately London Fire Brigade, Ex-Royal Navy Medical Services

11.20 am

Coffee break

11.40 am

Working around the clock - limited time to sleep
  Dr Claudio Stampi
Founder & Director, Chronobiology Research Institute, Boston, USA

12.30 pm


1.30 pm

Sleep and violence
  Dr Peter Fenwick

2.00 pm

Sleep and the dangers of driving
  Professor Jim Horne
Loughborough Sleep Research Centre, Loughborough University

2.30 pm

Sleep research - has it contributed to safety in the air?
  Professor Tony Nicholson
Visiting Professor of Aviation Medicine, King's College London

3.00 pm

Alertness and sleep strategies at the extreme: Ellen MacArthur's minimal sleep in the 94-day Vendée Globe
  Dr Claudio Stampi
Founder & Director, Chronobiology Research Institute, Boston, USA

3.45 pm

Panel discussion

4.00 pm

Tea & close of meeting


Monday 18 February
Treatment options for snoring and sleep apnoea
A joint meeting with the Laryngology & Rhinology Section
9.30 am Registration and coffee 
10.00 am Snoring and sleep apnoeas - what happens without surgical treatment? 
Dr John Shneerson, Papworth Hospital, Cambridge 
10.20 am Evaluation for surgery: Nasendoscopy 
Mr Bhik Kotecha, Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, London 
10.40 am Evaluation for surgery: Acoustic analysis 
Mr Terry Jones, University of Liverpool 
11.00 am Evaluation for surgery: Sleep studies 
Mr Andrew Camilleri, South Manchester University Hospitals, Manchester 
11.20 am Coffee 
11.50 am Mandibular advancement devices: role 
Dr David Gale, Royal Hospital Haslar, Portsmouth 
12.10 pm Mandibular advancement devices: practical applications 
Dr Joanna Battagel, Royal London Hospital, London 
12.30 pm Palatal techniques: Laser 
Mr David Mitchell, Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury 
12.50 pm Palatal techniques: Somnoplasty 
Mr David Morgan, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham 
1.10 pm Lunch 
2.10 pm Nasal Surgery 
Mr David Roberts, Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' Hospitals, London 
2.30 pm Surgery in children 
Mr Ray Clarke, Royal Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool 
2.50 pm Outcome measures of surgery 
Professor Janet Wilson, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle 
3.10 pm Panel Discussion 
3.45 pm Close of meeting 

Section Aim
To promote the understanding and management of sleep and its disorders by providing a forum for the debate and discussion of research and professional experiences.

Section members
Section membership is cross-specialty, multidisciplinary and includes allied healthcare and supporting professions.

Section Administrator:  Administrator (Mark Lecomber) Tel: 020 7290 3941.  Fax: 029 7290 2989.
RSM Section page at the RSM

Questions on the aims of the Section and future meetings and symposia: Prof Chris Idzikowski Tel: 0845 1300 933

Steering Committee
Dr M Allen (Stoke-on-Trent) - Hon Treasurer
Dr C Berti (London)
Dr TC Britton (London)

Dr A Cummin (London)

Dr B Evans (London)
- Hon Secretary
Prof C Idzikowski (Guildford & London)
- Vice-President,& Membership Secretary (Past-Chairman )
Dr B Kotecha (London)
Prof Air Commodore A Nicholson (London)
- Editorial representative
Dr J Shneerson (Papworth)
- Past-President
Dr A Williams (London)
- President

Young Fellow's Representatives
Mr D Gale (Chester)
Dr I Chakavorty (London).

Children's sleep disorders adviser: Prof G Stores (Oxford).

The Royal Society of Medicine is an independent, apolitical organisation.  Its aims are:

bullet to provide a broad range of educational
activities and opportunities for doctors,
dentists, and veterinary surgeons, including
students of these disciplines; and allied
health-care professionals.
bullet to promote an exchange of information and
ideas on the science, practice and
organisation of medicine, both within the health
professions and with responsible and informed
public opinion.

Section issues (1999)
The number of journal articles devoted to sleep research and sleep medicine has been growing for many years and currently averages more than one hundred papers per month. Yet little of this information is reaching medical practice. Sleep is a multidisciplinary subject and in the UK encompasses a variety of medical and health-related disciplines but there are few venues that provide the opportunity to discuss and debate sleep-related topics. Many questions concerning sleep still need answering: are there long-term cardiovascular and cerebrovascular consequences arising from sleep apnoea; can treatment reduce the incidence of accidents; what is the most appropriate treatment and what is the best measurement of efficacy ; what are the best treatments for the parasomnias, sleep-walking, night terrors, etc. ? How can the detection of narcolepsy be improved ? In occupational medicine, what are the best shift-work systems ? Can appropriate shift-work systems reduce the incidence of sleepiness and accidents ? How can patients who are intolerant to shift-work be managed ? What are the effects of children's sleep problems on the children's learning, behaviour and general welfare and on their families? How can these problems best be managed or even prevented? In clinical pharmacology and chronopharmacology, what are the most appropriate treatments of sleep disorders; when are therapeutic compounds best administered, can toxic side-effects be reduced and therapeutic effects potentiated by appropriate administration timing ? In general practice, if the prescription of benzodiazepines and related compounds are to be reduced, what are the most effective sleep management methods - what treatments work, and which do not ? In psychiatric disorders there are a plethora of sleep disorders; is disordered sleep merely an accompaniment, or does it predict the onset of more serious mental disturbance ? What training should nurses get? What help should pharmacists provide? What priority should sleep and its disorders have in healthcare management systems?. How does circadian physiology interact with the sleep-awake systems? Fundamental questions concerning sleep function and conscious awareness remain to be answered. The Section aims to provide the venue at which these issues and other issues concerning sleep can be debated.

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