Sleep then and now,1805-2005

This site documents the Royal Society of Medicine's Sleep Medicine section's contribution towards the Royal Society of Medicine's bicentenary (1805-2005). Complaints, etc, though should be directed at the webmaster (Chris Idzikowski).

Website introduction and overview

This site consists of three sections:

  • Sleep then and now - 1805-2005 web site (main page)
  • Talk marking the Sleep Medicine Section;s contribution towards the Royal Society of Medicine's bicentenary (1805-2005) celebrations - 22nd April 2005 (held during the genetics and sleep meeting)
  • Extracts from the Royal Society of Medicine Library flyer.

This page acts as an overview page for the three contributions.

Sleep then and now 1805-2005 website

This site acts as a repository for material presented for the Royal Society of Medicine's bicentennial celebrations (1805-2005) sponsored by the Sleep Medicine Section (more information: RSM's Sleep Medicine Section).

The site attempts to cover the following:

  • Brief summary of sleep pre-1805, then 1805-2005
  • Social, scientific and medical aspects of sleep
  • The Royal Society of Medicine's involvement
  • A wiki covering the recent history of sleep.
  • This site does not provide advice to the public or medical profession. The Royal Society of Medicine does not endorse or have any active view concerning the material presented on this site (complaints, etc to the webmaster (address below)>

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Contents of talk on 22nd April 2005

The talk was written for the Sleep and genetics meeting which had been chosen as the meeting celebrating the bicentennial of the RSM. So, a little on the genetics of sleep was also presented, which in any case was apposite given the recent progress in the area. The main areas covered were:

  • Structure of the presentations (talk, library, website).
  • Brief social and scientific context for period.
  • History of sleep (social)
  • History of sleep (science and medicine)
  • END

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Royal Society of Medicine Library presentation

This part of the site supplements the information that's presented as a flyer in the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) Library.

More information on the library.

The library flyer acts both as an advertisement for this web site, the Sleep Medicine Section itself, the links the RSM may have with sleep research and sleep medicine and the sleep-related material in the RSM library.

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Useful reading

  • History of the Royal Society of Medicine, P. Hunting, Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd, 2001, ISBN: 1853154970
  • At Day's Close: A History of Nighttime, A.Roger Ekirch, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2005, ISBN: 0297829920