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the RSM crest

The ISP I have used for many years closed down a few weeks ago and this site is still in the middle of a 'seamless' transfer. Whilst in this state of transition I haven't yet set up this page. I expect to get it up and running by mid-May (2005).

The following picture shows the RSM crest
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It was noted by Dr Bidi Evans of the Sleep Medicine Section committee that the herb 'All Heal' at the top of the crest could be the soporific herb valerian and that the verb 'valere' could be a pun for valerian. Given the history of the crest which was inherited from the Medical and Chirurgical Society's crest, it is more likely that the motto acted as a prompt for the type of 'All Heal' depicted, or that the pun is non-existent and unintentional. What do you think?

This picture shows the RSM crest with the valerian herbe superimposed and the verb 'valere' highlighted.
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The official Royal Society of Medicine position can be found here