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Sleep, appetite and metabolism - the epidemics of obesity, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. 30 November 2006.

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Where's this web site going?

  • ... probably getting personal, blog, wiki, etc ...
  • ICSD2

Where's this web site been?

  • Sleep support organisations (UK,international and internet)

  • Insomnia and the insomniac

  • Good links: e.g. continuously updated sleep news and sleep research news

  • Books about sleep (particularly the site's author)

  • Maintaining volunteer registers (clinical trial and media)

  • Historical information on the British Sleep Society (1989-2000)

  • Information on the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) Sleep Medicine Section (formerly the RSM Sleep and its disorders forum).

  • Fast facts - e.g. caffeine, night-eating syndrome, alternative therapies

  • Finnish insomniacs

  • WWW sleep survey

  • UK sleep organisation listings

  • Sleep and consciousness

  • Sleep and personality

  • Sleep measurement

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