Learn to sleep well is aimed at all those sleepers who want to sleep better. Those sleepers whose sleep could be better or those sleepers whose sleep is beginning to slip.

Written by the author of the Insomnia Kit (for those who have become seriously sleepless) the Learn to sleep well book is constructed to be both instructive and inspirational.

Topics include

Understanding your sleep
Your changing needs
The Sleep Environment
Sleep and lifestyle
Relaxation Exercises (meditations, routines and rituals)
Overcoming sleep problems


Illustrated by Ben Goss and Tinou le Joly
Written by Chris Idzikowski (Sleep Assesment and Advisory Service).


Section headings
Sleep in perspective
Patterns of sleep
The sleep environment
The sleeping body
A mind for sleep
Overcoming sleep problems


U.S. version - Amazon Learn to sleep well
- Chronicle Learn to sleep well
- Borders Learn to sleep well
- Barnes and Noble Learn to sleep well
U.K. version - Amazon Learn to sleep well


Reviewed at www.sleephomepages.org.
Published September 2000.
By the author of the Insomnia Kit (1999) and the research-inspired Serotonin, sleep and mental disorder (1991).

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