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bullet Latest book (2013) Sound Asleep (Kindle)
bullet Previous book Sleep Disorders (open source, free download)
bullet Another book later this year (2012), and hopefully another 2013.
bullet Book: Sleep, published February 2007 (UK: HarperCollins).
bullet Latest kit: Learn to sleep, published September 2002 (UK: Duncan Baird).
bullet Book: Learn to sleep, published September 2000 (UK: Duncan Baird, US Chronicle).
bullet Books: The Insomnia Kits (UK: Newleaf; US: Penguin).
bullet Book: Serotonin, sleep and mental disorder, Wrightson Biomedical Publications, 1991.
bullet Research papers: sleep, memory, insomnia, depression, fear, anxiety, gastro-intestinal motility.
bullet Research papers: serotonin, antidepressants, cholinergics, glutamergics, histaminergic, benzodiazepines, etc.
bullet Research papers: sleep research methodology, sleep and quality of life.
bullet Research: Sleep and AIDS, osteoarthritis, dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Public, charity and voluntary work

Chairman, Royal Society of Medicine Forum on Sleep and its disorders 1998-2001(now the Sleep Medicine Section)

bullet Chairman, British Sleep Society, 1995-1997
bullet Finnish public lecture tour 1997

bullet SleepWalking. [Medico-legal work]
bullet Sleep lobbying - see Finnish Insomnia.
bullet Sleep education
bullet Drugs and sleep
bullet What is sleep?
bullet Insomnia
bullet Public (lay and patient groups) and professional (medical, nursing, councillors)

Chris Idzikowski BSc, PhD, CPsychol FBPsS
Dr Chris Idzikowski is currently Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.. His previous appointments include Centre Director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre (Heriot Row), Visiting Professor, University of Surrey, Deputy Head of the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit at the Robens Institute of Health and Safety, University of Surrey and Head of Clinical Pharmacology at the Janssen Research Foundation. He started researching into sleep more than 20 years ago when he worked at Prof Ian Oswald's sleep laboratory at Edinburgh University's Department of Psychiatry before researching into fear and anxiety at the Medical Research (MRC)'s Council APU in Cambridge.

An expert on sleep and its disorders, Dr Idzikowski has served as Chairman of the British Sleep Society, and has sat on the boards of the Sleep Medicine Research Foundation, the European Sleep Research Society and the U.S Sleep Research Society. Formerly Chairman of the Royal Society of Medicine Forum on sleep and its disorders (now the Sleep Medicine Section) ,  he has held many honorary appointments, both health authority (Oxford) and University (e.g Queen's University of Belfast). He has acted or acts as a consultant for a variety of organisations and companies , for example, British Airways, Boots, GlaxoWelcome, vieLife, NICE, UK Sports, Sleep Council.

Dr Idzikowski has published numerous papers and books on sleep, including "The Insomnia Kit" (Feb 1999) and "Serotonin, Sleep and Mental Disorder" (Blackwells Scientific Publishing, 1991) and Learn to sleep well and the Learn to sleep well kit (Duncan Baird, 2000,2004). Sleep - need to know (HarperCollins, 2007). He has also been a regular columnist, first for British Airways High Life monthly Magazine, and weekly columnist for the Mail On Sunday ((still available)).

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